Welcome to TAMNEAC - Training and Mobility Network for the Economic Analysis of Conflict!

TAMNEAC provides training to a young generation of professionals and researchers in tackling the challenges associated with mass violent conflict in developing countries. This training ranges from rigorous research methods to knowledge-based policy responses and program implementation in conflict-affected countries.

Rounyn, Sudan. UN Photo/Albert Gonzalez Farran

TAMNEAC’s goals are:

  • Training: develop fellows into professionals and researchers versed in rigorous methodologies and in the transmission of research-based knowledge into effective policies and policy advice;
  • Mobility: facilitate skill-building secondments that will ensure the internationality of fellows’ experiences, including mobility to conflict-affected countries and to policy partners within international, governmental, and non-governmental organizations;
  • Research: invest in the future European capacities needed in the economic analysis of conflict and simultaneously close gaps in knowledge that persist; and
  • Sustainability: create a lasting network of professionals and researchers that interact on topics surrounding the solution of conflicts long beyond the end of the network’s funding period.